What Is A Crossing Agreement

In June 1993, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (PDAC) approved a Universal Facility Crossing Agreement to streamline the processing of federal and provincial intersection agreements. Gassco will also require documentation indicating that the insurance system complies with the requirements of the agreement. To receive a crossing agreement from Alliance, please send us an email. Allianz will respond to requests for intersection agreements within 10 business days. Once the agreement is signed, the technical dialogue with Gassco can be initiated. Alliance Pipeline is regulated by the Canadian government through the National Energy Board (NEB). The National Energy Board Act and regulations, the National Energy Board`s Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations, Authorization and Obligations, make a crossing agreement mandatory for anyone wishing to cause soil disturbance in the prescribed area that extends vertically on both sides from the centre axis of the pipe; the construction of a plant above, on, along or under a pipeline; or cross a pipeline with a vehicle or mobile devices. A crossing agreement can be obtained from the pipeline operator. In preparation for the conclusion of the Agreement, we expect Schedules B and C to be prepared by you as described in the Standard Contract(s).

Appendix C should be a high-level description of the laying/approximation process (1-2 pages) and in accordance with Gassco`s technical requirements (see below). Intersection agreements ensure that pipeline operators are aware of upcoming intersections or excavation work to avoid accidents. Unauthorized crossing or digging poses a serious threat to the safety of workers and pipelines, as well as to the safety of others in the vicinity. In cases where an agreement is required, Gassco enters into crossing agreements and reconciliation agreements on behalf of the pipeline owners concerned on the basis of the standard standard for such agreements developed by the Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry Association (Norsk olje og gass). Note: Only minor and unpleasant adjustments to the standard agreements can be accepted. Upon performance of this Agreement upon receipt of the approval of the Public Utilities Commission and the adoption of the articles, all franchise and crossover agreements referred to herein will lose their force or effect. The crossing agreement will contain information and instructions on how to safely cross or operate on a transmission line. A representative of the alliance will mark your area of work and monitor the activities involved to ensure compliance with the intersection agreement granted. If the work is within 2 nautical miles of the pipeline, Gassco may require a formal agreement to regulate the interaction and the responsibilities and responsibilities between the parties. A formal agreement is still required if the work is within 500 meters of the pipeline, if the work is further than 500 meters but closer to 2 nautical miles and may pose a risk to the pipeline (e.B.

anchorage), Gassco will consider the need for an agreement. In the rare cases where you need to request data from Gassco before entering into an agreement, you will need to sign Gassco`s standard confidentiality agreement for access to that data. MDOT is responsible for maintaining the exchange; WDBA assumes no other responsibility or participation in the exchange. The Grade Crossings Agreement also established the International Authority, a separate and independent legal entity from the WDBA. .

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