Gold Lock

To Be A Better Password Manager


Why Develop Gold Lock

I ever used KeePass to keep passwords on a PC, the tool is really helpful to me. But some disadvantages exist herunterladen. For example, I installed KeePass on my PC home, when I try to login a website at company, I cannot query my password from the PC home.
Fortunately I have smart phone, I can bring it with me anytime, so I installed an android version of KeePass tip toi dateien herunterladen. Though it really worked, it was so heavey and difficult to use.
Then I searched other apps, and found that all Apps have the same issue. I need a light app to keep my passwords, which is simple and easy to use herunterladen. I talked with my friends about the issue, and then we decided to develop a brand new App to meet our requirement. We call it GOLD LOCK.

About Us

We are a professional group focused on mobile application development youtube video als mp3 downloaden online. The team was founded in Dec.2014, and all of us are located at Shanghai, China.
All the team members have rich software development experiences project cars 2 kostenlosen. The team consists of experienced user experience designer, principle GUI developer and senior tester. We’re committed to developing easy-use mobile apps for the people all over the world herunterladen. Gold Lock is our first application.
We hope that Gold Lock will be a better password manager than ever.

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