Seafarer Employment Agreement Extension

The request for class extension or deferral expires by the competent author of the ship directly to Transport Malta at the following e-mail address: The Authority revised MN 03/2020 to refrain from granting renewal of the SEA, which was initially taken into account taking into account the co-19 restrictions. The ITF has decided that during the period from March 17, 2020 to April 16, 2020, the association will not contest contract extensions of up to one month, even if the extensions delay the hours of service of seafarers beyond the maximum allowed by the ITF or MLC collective agreements. “An extension will only be possible if some sailors accept such extensions,” Smith said. “It goes without saying that the wishes of each sailor must be taken into account and if a sailor has a strong argument in favour of repatriation at the end of his contract, regardless of travel restrictions, his case will be examined further by the ITF and our social partners,” she said. In accordance with the revised 6.1 version of the aforementioned LDC communication, the extension is granted until 14 September 2020. Sailors subject to these extensions are referred as the 2006 MLC A2.5.1.2 (b) standard. After September 14, 2020, the LDC will re-comply with the provisions of Executive Order 86 of February 22, 2013 and MMC-262. Details of Implementation Measures Overview of The Challenges of Crew Mobility Overview of extensions and derogations from marine certificates You can also view all the information on our COVID-19 target page. Source: BIMCO sailors subject to these extensions are referred as the A2.5.1.2 (b) standard of the 2006 MLC. Valid until December 31, 2020. Owners of British-flagged vessels who notify the MCA ( that the sailors remain on board beyond their contractual duration.

“In response to the Covid 19 crisis, the ITF has agreed to renew the seaman`s employment contracts for up to one month to alleviate the problems associated with crew replacement,” said Smith.

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