Opg Bruce Power Lease Agreement

The Cranell wind farm is a 220 MW project in Texas, USA, which has the effect of powering more than 66,000 homes… “The success of this transaction is a tribute to the many people who worked to reach this historic agreement,” said Robin Jeffrey, President-elect of British Energy plc and President of Bruce Power. “Bruce Power looks forward to playing a crucial role in the success of nuclear energy in Canada.” Bruce Power is now the licensed operator and will lease the Bruce A and Bruce B stations until 2018. The total value of the transaction is over $3.2 billion, making it one of the largest public/private transactions in Canadian history. It is also possible to extend the lease for up to an additional 25 years. More information can be found in our statement about their role as a low-cost electricity provider in Ontario. In October 2013, as part of Ontario`s 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), Ontario announced plans to refurbish six reactors at the Bruce plant from Bruce A4 in 2016. Other units would follow at regular intervals. Bruce Power estimated the cost at about $2 billion per unit, or $12 billion for six. The price of electricity generated from these units is expected to be between $60 and $70 per MWh.

[28] [104] Bruce Power will provide employment to all employees at the Bruce site, with OPG`s non-deduction. Remaining employees at OPG include those who provide centralized waste management and support services for nuclear operations. The agreement is expected to be concluded in the summer of 2001, provided Bruce Power obtains the necessary licences. Compared to other large Canadian nuclear power plants previously built, the Pickering plant, the Bruce reactors have a higher power achieved by increasing the number of fuel channels, increasing the number of beams per channel and modifying the fuel beam itself. The warm water released by the plant in Lake Huron prevents the surrounding coast from freezing in winter and attracts an excessive concentration of sea fish, which in turn attracts crowds of cone eagles that winter in the area. The numbers peak between late February and early March and it is not uncommon for visitors to observe several dozen eagles in and around the plant`s general environment at some point during these months. [126] [127] Bruce`s nuclear power plants include four reactors in service at Bruce B Station, with a capacity of 3,140 megawatts, and four reactors emitted at Bruce A Station. After a state assessment that confirmed the technical feasibility and economic strength of restarting two Bruce A reactors, Bruce Power recently announced the launch of a re-commissioning program for both reactors by 2003. Restart is conditional on obtaining regulatory approvals and achieving performance targets for the four Bruce B reactors in service. The two Bruce A reactors have a capacity of 1,500 megawatts. Two of the five lines are 500kV and transmit electricity to major charging centres, Milton Station and Longwood Station.

The remaining three 230kV dual-circuit lines power The Kitchener, Orangeville and Owen Sound stations. Under separate agreements, Bruce Power leases the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) facility and is required by this lease agreement to cover all costs related to operations, lengthening of duration, services and, through the leasing fund, long-term debts, including the lease of the investment. This lease agreement is intended to ensure that all costs associated with Bruce Power`s operations are allocated to the business and included in the price of electricity. OPG owns Inverhuron Provincial Park, located near 288 hectares, on Lake Huron, which adjoins Inverhuron, 14 km northeast of Kincardine, which is not part of the Bruce site, and leases it to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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