Aoa Rental Agreements

Rev 4.17 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission E-ZPass Accord These terms and conditions of use constitute, in conjunction with the application, your E-ZPass agreement, by and between the applicant, the co-applicant and only the following persons and/OR animals, AND NO OTHER, has been taken and completed, and NO OTHER will occupy the apartment for more than 14 days, unless the express written consent of the EIGNors is obtained in advance (the 14-day period may be extended by local rent control laws): RESIDENT pays an additional rent of 25% per month or 25% (or the amount authorized under rental control) of the current monthly rent; what is the highest amount, for the period during which any additional customer who goes beyond the above must occupy the premises. Resident pays the same additional monthly rent for each additional animal that exceeds the animals that occupy the premises. Acceptance of a client`s rent or consent supplement does not waive a requirement of this ACCORD or transform a client`s status into a resident. LEASE AND/OR LEASING . Renter/renter/agent: `Apartment number` – Mieter/Lessee: Mieter/Lessee: `Apartment number: `Apartment address:` Location: `State_____, Zip_____. Monthly rental rate: .- This ACCORD starts on and continues: (check one below). Rental due date: A. Monthly Agreement Caution: . Until this date, one month becomes the longest rent: .

. . month after written permission from the lessor. If the tenant moves in front of the car park: – the expiry date of the premises, he is responsible for the total rent due until the apartment is occupied: – by a resident approved by the landlord and/or expiration of that period, depending on the shortest period. 4 Therefore, the parties agree that if the resident does not pay the rent in full until the end of the _____day after the due date, resident will pay a late fee of — per day and the parties agree that this amount is a reasonable amount for these administrative costs. Local residents also agree that these administrative costs are considered an additional rent. If the landlord decides to accept the rent after the tenth day after the due date, a payment may be required in a form other than by personal cheque. The landlord does not waive the right to insist on the full payment of the rent on the date on which it is due. In the event that the occupant`s cheque is disgraced by the bank for any reason, the resident must pay a refunded cheque fee of an additional amount of rent. The late fees listed above are deducted as additional rent if the returned cheque causes the late rent. 7.5 The tenant will provide the premises, including the maintenance of the tenant in accordance with Section 11.3 and all the keys to the premises, at the expiry of the tenancy agreement, in a condition as good as that of the tenant`s care, with the exception of 3 2. PAYMENTS: Rent and/OR other costs must be paid at the office or in the site manager`s apartment or in any other place designated in writing by the owner.

To ensure the security of the administrator, all payments must be made by cheque or order of payment and no cash is acceptable.

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